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Education August 19-21
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Aquascaping Demonstrations in the Critter Alley Lounge featuring Oliver Knott.

11am All Show Days

Planted aquariums are becoming essential to aquatic retailers, as the art of aquascaping becomes more popular throughout the world. Come see one of the world’s premiere aquascapers, Oliver Knott, create a unique planted environment during each day of SuperZoo. Oliver will be demonstrating the construction of 3 different aquariums throughout SuperZoo, which will display a variety of aquascaping styles, while sharing some tips and tricks to designing a beautiful aquarium. Each of these demonstrations will take place from 11am-12pm in the lounge behind Critter Alley. The aquascaping demonstrations will target aquariums between 15 gallons and 30 gallons, which would make ideal showpieces in a retail store. Upon completion of each demo, the finished aquascapes will be displayed in the Critter Alley lounge throughout the remainder of SuperZoo.

Oliver Knott’s love of all things Aquaria started when at the age of 16 he took a job in a local pet store in his home town in Germany.  The pet store sold parrots, house pets, fish and snakes but it was the world of Aquaria which captured his imagination. After several years working in retail stores throughout Germany, Oliver decided to launch his own company specializing in creating aquarium tanks for private customers, small and large businesses, pet stores, museums and trade fairs. His business has grown and Oliver’s natural charm and ability to transmit his enthusiasm and knowledge of aquaria to his audience has made him a popular and well-known face across the world aquaria community. He appears regularly on German TV and has a large online following. His knowledge has been cultivated through years of experience working closely with aquatic industry companies and a life-long love of all things aquaria.”

Paul Demas Paludarium Demonstration at 2pm on Tuesday

The natural beauty of a well-designed Paludarium makes for an attractive display inside of any retail location. Paludariums are vivariums that incorporate both terrestrial and aquatic elements. These provide ideal opportunities to create beautiful representations of tropical biomes in enclosed systems. In this demonstration, Paul Demas will be creating a fully functional Paludarium, in order to show how easy it would be to set a similar display in a retail store. Paul will explain the benefits of using specific tropical plants in a Paludarium, and how to increase the visual appeal of the display. He will also discuss the appropriate types of livestock for such a system, which may range from fish, reptiles and amphibians.   

Paul Demas’ life-long love for creating natural bioactive habitats started at a young age during family camping trips in the picturesque Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.  From an early age he knew for the long-term success of the animals he was keeping that it was critical to imitate what he saw in nature!  Paul’s first job was at a local pet store in NY, which only increased that desire to recreate the natural habitats of the herps and fish in his growing collection.  After a brief stint in HVAC, Paul joined a local NY pet product manufacturer and created and developed several award winning new aquarium & reptile products.  Paul has been published in many consumer & trade publications and it was an article that he wrote for Reptiles Magazine on how to build a natural vivarium that was the birth of his company Vivariums In The Mist. Paul specializes in creating fully functional and bioactive natural Vivariums & Paludariums.  With decades of experience, Paul continues to pursue his passion creating these natural & functional displays for clients all over the country.

Check out Shane Ager at 2pm on Wednesday in the Critter Alley Lounge.

Gain insight on how to set up terrarium displays that will drive sales in retail stores.

Terrarium displays in retail stores can be valuable sales tools when selling exotic reptiles and amphibians. The purpose of these demonstrations is to show retailers how they may set up an attractive display in their retail locations, in order to sell more animals. During the demos, Shane Ager will build  one tropical terrarium setup and one desert terrarium setup. The tropical terrarium demonstration will portray the use of live tropical plants and decorations to create a visually pleasing and natural environment for all types of tropical species (geckos, dart frogs, etc.). The desert terrarium demo will show retailers how to create tunnels, and rock features to provide comfort for terrestrial desert animals, like Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, etc.

These demos will be performed by Shane Ager.  Shane is a lifelong reptile keeper, having been in the hobby for almost 30 years. He has spent the past 19 years working in the industry, developing his terrarium building skills along the way. Having been with the Zoo Med Team for more than 5 years, his passion for creating naturalistic terrariums has really blossomed.

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