Be the top dog
with access to North America's largest pet retail audience.
Education August 19-21
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Run With the Big Dogs.

No show in the North American pet market attracts more attendees or gives your brand a more powerful platform for international exposure than SuperZoo. And not only can this event claim the top spot in terms of quantity, but quality: An impressive 94 percent of the pre-qualified attendees say they’ve purchased or plan to purchase from a supplier found at the event.

And they have the resources to turn that promise into payoff—48 percent have annual purchasing budgets greater than $100,000, while nearly a quarter of registered buyers have budgets over $1 million. Even better news? Almost one-third of the 10,000-plus showgoers don’t plan to attend another buying event all year.

Questions about exhibiting? Take a look at these helpful hints for a successful onsite experience.

SuperZoo by the Numbers