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Get Fit with Fido

Autumn is a time for transformation. School starts, leaves change and new routines are established. That’s why September is the perfect time for pet retailers to help animal owners take stock of their pets’ health—especially if they’re among the 50 percent of pets in the United States that are overweight or obese.

From diet food to fitness classes, supplements to pet gym memberships, here are four ways your business can make big gains from pet weight loss:

  1. Hold a “Biggest Loser” competition: Follow the lead of reality TV—and even a veterinary office in the United Kingdom—and hold a pet weight-loss competition, encouraging owners of overweight pets to embark on a weight-loss journey with weekly weigh-ins in your store, special promotions and prizes.
  2. Encourage exercise: Sponsor a pet-friendly 5K, package your leashes, balls and Frisbees into a “Get Fit with Fido” workout basket, or enlist the help of an in-store personal trainer to make fitness fun for both owner and animal.
  3. Stock weight-loss supplements and diet food: Omega-3 fatty acids help human health, and they’re equally effective for animals. Stock your shelves with healthy supplements and hold in-store seminars on their benefits to increase awareness and boost sales.
  4. Advocate alternative therapies: With the increase in animal obesity and obesity-related diseases, veterinary centers are getting in on the animal fitness action by offering therapies like underwater treadmill training, massage and acupuncture. Pet stores and service operations can consider partnering with wellness centers to promote animal wellness, align your brand with a positive cause and get in front of a new audience.