JUNE 26-28, 2018 | EDUCATION JUNE 25-27
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Dr. Roger Mugford

Dr. Roger Mugford | Company of Animals

Dr Roger Mugford is a psychologist who introduced the concept of behavioural therapy for pets to the veterinary profession in 1979. Since then, his referral practice has become the leading authority in the field of dog training and behaviour modification.  He invented the HALTI Headcollar, Pet Corrector, Baskerville Muzzles and other innovative, reward-based training aids that are distributed by The Company of Animals, of which he is the CEO.  His company is active in 52 countries and has headquarters in the UK and America.
Roger is an advocate of balanced dog training by providing well-timed, subtle payoff and penalties for instrumentally conditioned responses, as described in his latest book “THE PERFECT DOG”. In 2015 Roger received the World Pet Association’s prestigious Matsui Award and the UK PetQuip Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to animal training and behaviour.