JUNE 26-28, 2018 | EDUCATION JUNE 25-27
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Expanded Cartload Service

Drayage is the term for the handling of exhibit materials from the dock at the show location or warehouse to/from the exhibitor’s booth within the show hall. This charge is over and above the cost of your shipment to the show hall or warehouse.  The Drayage fee is based on weight and number of packages received at the dock or warehouse and moved to the booth. Special handling charges could apply due to the size and shape of materials.

No wheels (dollies and carts) are allowed on the show floor but you may choose to hand carry your material in through the front or the designated hand carry door.

Cartload Service is also available for those vehicles that qualify.  In many cases the Cartload Service is the most appropriate, easiest and inexpensive way to move smaller shipments that weigh less than 300 pounds per cartload.  Utilizing the Cartload Service will save you time and energy and is very affordable.  To take advantage of this service, please use the Cartload Service Order Form in the GES portion of this service kit, or order on-site at the GES Service center.

World Pet Association, Inc. and GES Exposition Services are pleased to provide this cost saving program for all SuperZoo exhibitors:

WPA will pay for the first 300 pounds of drayage OR up to two cartloads maximum on the in and two cartloads maximum on the out for each Exhibitor.  

This credit will apply to all exhibitors, regardless of booth size. The savings will be reflected as a credit on your final GES bill which will be delivered to your booth during the show.

This savings will be applied in the following ways:
     1st Show Site shipments
     2nd Advance to warehouse shipments
     3rd Privately Owned Vehicles (“POV”s)/Cartload service.

Additional drayage over the 300 lbs will be billed to the exhibitor at the published freight handling rate in the enclosed exhibitor kit.

Exhibitors having any single shipment over 8,000 pounds receive a 12% discount off of applicable rates. This applies to Advanced and Direct Shipments.