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Large, small or in-between, your retail business will benefit from what you and your staff can learn at SuperZoo University. The biggest and best educational program in the industry has twice as many sessions as any other show and features top experts in retailing, business and animal wellness. The cutting edge content is geared for management, and designed specifically to give you the pertinent tools and information you need right now to grow your business.

Choose sessions from three Core Modules:

  STAFF/BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. See how to create and implement staff development activities to rejuvenate your team and maximize their positive impact on your business. Examine your selling culture and practices from a variety of perspectives, and hear straightforward instruction on how to shorten sales cycles, avoid common mistakes, develop effective opening statements, and more.

  ANIMAL WELLNESS. With so many products available today, it’s absolutely necessary to stay on top of the latest information, so you can both buy and sell more effectively. Use these sessions to build your knowledge about animal nutrition, pet food ingredients, pet food labels and more.

  TECHNOLOGY/INTERNET. As pet owners become more comfortable with online shopping, the demand for successful pet ecommerce increases. This track teaches you how to combine marketing and technical skills to engage users through your website and other social media.

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