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and delivering the inside scoop on pet retail's favorite show.
Education August 19-22
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

How to Successfully Train New Employees to Perform to your Expectations

Retail Sessions Mon, Jun 25 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Islander Ballroom C

Good instruction takes great skill. The watch and learn ways of training in the past, do not work for your millennials today or in the future. A thorough training plan, teaches people to do a new job correctly the first time and every time. Not only will we get better business results, but we get better relationships with all of our employees, who are proud of their work. Which ultimately lessens the frustration of everyone on the team! In this workshop we will discuss the 7 key success factors to training new employees and helping them succeed. You will leave with our tried and true new employee training and on boarding “do’s” and “do not’s” in addition, you will have an outline for your training plan.


Tammy Bond
The Team Optimizer

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