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Education August 19-21
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Large Poodle

GroomTeam Sanctioned Classes – Open Division, Regular Classes – Entry Division, Regular Classes – Intermediate Division Wed, Jun 27 7:00 am - 10:30 am Grooming Stage

Large Poodles

Acceptable coat growth for all GT sanctioned classes:

It is the responsibility of the show promoter and /or their designated judges to determine adequate coat growth.

Acceptable Styling for all GT sanctioned classes:

  • All styling must take place during the time frame of the competition except where noted below
  • All dogs must be groomed according to breed standard with the exception of Poodle as noted below
  • All dogs may have sanitary and pads shaved prior to class start
  • All dogs may have nails trimmed and ears cleaned prior to class start
  • Finishing sprays, are permissible in order to tidy up after competition time frame ends however, re-­‐shaping with water or product application is prohibited
  • Chalk products are permissible prior to and during the competition time frame but are prohibited after time is called
  • Wire Coats must be hand stripped. Clippers are only permissible as presented in the conformation show ring
  • Sporting coats must be carded and/or hand stripped. Clippers are only permissible as presented in the conformation show ring
  • Other Purebreds must be styled as presented in the conformation show ring
  • Poodles can be styled as presented in the conformation show ring or pet trims, provided they respect the breed profile as set forth by the standard


Acceptable breeds:  All sizes, natural colors of purebred Poodles

This class may be split into two separate classes as follows: 17” and under, Over 17” 11” and under – 1:30 (One hour & thirty minutes)

Over 11” up to and including 17” – 1:45 (one hour and forty-­‐five minutes) Over 17” up to and including 23” – 2:00 (Two hours)

Over  23”   -­‐  2:15  (Two  hours  and  fifteen  minutes) When  splitting  the  Poodle  class  the  following  stipulations apply:

  1. A competition must take place between the three finalists from each of the two Open Division Poodle classes to determine the placements of the combined Poodle class, for a final 1st, 2nd and 3rd for all Open Division Poodles. Only the Final place winners may be awarded GT
  2. Only the final Poodle class point winners will be eligible to represent Open division in the Poodle Group.


Poodle Styling: All pet and show poodle styles are acceptable provided they respect the breed profile of the poodle.

  • Feet must be shaved
  • Feet may be shaved prior to competition start time. NO extra time will be permitted if not completed prior to class start
  • Face must be shaved during competition time frame
  • Small mustache or goatee are permitted
  • Scissored face styles such as Bichon or scissored type faces are prohibited
  • Show topknots may be pre-­‐banded, including hair extensions prior to the start of the class, spray up products are prohibited prior to the start of the class.

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