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Education August 19-21
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Las Vegas, NV, USA

Giving Back Feels So Good

The passion and enthusiasm pet retailers display for their profession is on display every single day, not just the once a year we gather for SuperZoo. It’s infectious. And part of that fervor is the desire to do good and give back to your local community as well as the industry at-large

Did you know there are numerous organizations and non-profits out there that are supporting the pet industry and the work you do? And did you know that SuperZoo proceeds are funneled right back into the pet industry, making SuperZoo attendees like you responsible for more than $2.9 million dollars in donations to groups that support our work as pet professionals?

We at World Pet Association (WPA) understand your passion because it’s our passion too. WPA donates to a group of seven organizations that support the pet industry, the people who work in the pet industry and the pets (and their owners) that allow the industry to thrive. The resources provided to these non-profits and organizations make a real difference—both for our communities and for you as a pet retailer. Read on for information about these organizations and how they are supporting the work you do as a pet retail professional.

  • Pets in the Classroom: more than $785,000 has been donated to help teachers finance classroom pets to enhance learning and build self-esteem for nearly two million children.
  • Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI): more than $50,000 for scientific research that shows the benefits of pet ownership – including a recent study highlighting the massive savings in healthcare costs – on human health.
  • Coral Restoration Foundation: more than $80,000 to support offshore nurseries and reef restoration programs for threatened coral species as well as empowering costal communities to follow suit.
  • National Animal Interest Alliance: raised more than $375,000 to fund initiatives focused on animal welfare, strengthening the bond between humans and animals and responsible animal care.
  • PIJAC: more than $1.6 million donated to support animal care, environmental stewardship and pet advocacy. The organization also pioneers education programs for pet owners, the pet industry, and government entities.
  • Pet Leadership Council: more than $100,000 donated to leadership initiatives promoting responsible pet ownership and pet owners’ rights. More than 20 company leaders from all segments of the industry focus on fostering research, development and training and promoting a better understanding of the pet industry.
  • Project PIABA: more than $25,000 raised for programs to preserve the environmental, animal welfare and social sustainability of the Amazonian aquarium fish trade.

World Pet Association, through its Good Works initiative, ensures all profits from SuperZoo are re-invested back into the industry. Your participation, each year, at SuperZoo helps make all of these wonderful things possible. It helps keep the pet industry healthy, thriving, active and, most importantly, giving back to the organizations doing the most good.

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