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SuperZoo’s 5 Top Tips for Strategic Social Media

In today’s connected world, social media savvy is critically important to the success of any business. It helps companies connect with their customers; it helps consumers engage with the business that supplies the products and services they need and want; and it helps both stay on top of industry trends and events.

As the leading resource for the pet retail industry, SuperZoo utilizes a variety of social media platforms to showcase fresh ideas and to connect with you, our consumers, in a number of ways. Here are our five top tips to help you connect with yours:

  1. Reach out in real time with Facebook Live: This new Facebook feature allows you to stream live video on trending topics or events, sending push notifications to your followers to ensure they engage with you immediately. At SuperZoo 2016, we used Facebook Live to showcase some of our conference sessions and the show floor, allowing people to be a part of the action—virtually.
  2. Take advantage of hash tags: If your organization has a unique hash tag (and if you don’t, make one!), find creative ways to use it to invite people to engage with your brand. For SuperZoo 2016, we posted a simple sign with our hash tag, #SZ16, and encouraged people to post photos with the sign and tag us for a repost. For even more engagement, add a contest or incentive for frequent taggers.
  3. Build buzz by giving back: Speaking of hash tags, we know animal lovers have huge hearts—and we wanted to hear about it. SuperZoo promoted a contest inviting followers to post about their community outreach initiatives with a unique hash tag, #WPAGoodWorks, for a chance to win a $1,000 donation to a WPA-supported charity of their choice. What a great way to give back, while showcasing your store’s interest in causes that are close to your customers’ hearts.
  4. Stage an expert takeover: Consumers love to hear from industry experts. Offer them the added value of connecting with local experts—your store’s wellness or grooming pros, for example—through special “takeovers,” sharing tips and answering questions. Check out SuperZoo’s #RetailMonday posts for inspiration!
  5. Remember the basics: All the bells and whistles of social media mean nothing if you don’t remember three basic rules that help boost results: 1. Use visuals—photos or video—to drive engagement. 2. Post regularly on all of your social media channels to stay top of mind. 3. Respond in a timely manner—within 24 hours—to all direct messages; it helps boost your Facebook status and the loyalty of your followers.

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