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Beyond Boarding: 4 Top Pet Service Trends

From day care and camp to spa services and luxury boarding experiences, pet owners are increasingly willing to shell out the dough to keep their pets well coiffed and cared for. As a pet industry pro, this shouldn’t be news to you. What might be surprising—and suggestive of trends to follow over the next few years—are the factors driving the steady growth of the pet service market.

Read on for four trends in pet services spending and a few ideas for adapting these lucrative trends to fit your operation.

Mobile Services on the Move

With the popularity of Uber Eats, GrubHub and other convenient delivery services, today’s pet owners are seeking services that come to them. Think mobile groomers and in-home day care. And this mobile trend doesn’t end with groomers and service providers. Pet retailers may also want to consider ways to make products more accessible—monthly kibble delivery, anyone?

They’ll Take Your Word for It

In the age of Yelp, pet owners won’t trust their fur babies with just anyone. And as more and more pet parents purchase grooming, boarding and day care services, pet service professionals are becoming a popular, trusted resource for guidance on how to keep pets happy and healthy. From supplements and food selection to fitness and grooming tips, pet service pros have a unique opportunity to provide sound advice to owners who want nothing but the best for their furry friends.

A Social Pet Is a Happy Pet

Gone are the days when pet owners bid their furry friend farewell and head off to work, leaving Fido home to fend for himself. Today’s pet owners seek constant socialization for their pets, giving rise to doggie daycare and canine camps. Social pets are not only less destructive and depressed, but they also come home tired, allowing them to wind down alongside Mom and Dad after a long day of work.

Moving into 2017, unique experiences like petworking (see what we did there?) may provide a fun way for retailers and service pros to add new revenue sources. Pet parents are looking for fun too, why not bring pets and pet lovers together to offer unique experiences everyone will love?

Boutique Boarding

Kennels and cages? A thing of the past. Now, when pet owners go on a resort vacation, so do their dogs—to luxury pet hotels that boast cage-free boarding, 24-hour supervision, upscale spa services and individualized care plans catering to the needs of each animal. And pet retailers shouldn’t limit their imaginations when it comes to providing luxuries for pets. Gourmet treats and posh accessories can elevate an in-store experience and provide retailers with additional revenue opportunities.

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