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A Dose of Magic at SuperZoo 2016: Why Magic Johnson is the Perfect Keynote Speaker

By Doug Poindexter, President, World Pet Association

If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s, you’ll remember many newsreels highlighting one of the most exciting basketball rivalries in NBA history, between Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics. Back in those days, I was an independent pet retailer running Doug’s Animal House in California, and I very much admired the incredibly talented athletes on both teams, appreciating their strong work ethic, unending commitment and relentless competitive drive.

So, I was absolutely thrilled when Earvin “Magic” Johnson accepted WPA’s invitation to deliver the keynote speech at SuperZoo 2016. And it’s not just due to his impressive accomplishments on the basketball court—in the decades following his record-setting basketball career, he’s successful parlayed his skills and tenacity as an athlete into numerous achievements in the business world. Currently, he serves as Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises, a conglomerate comprised of multiple business entities and partnerships.

Magic also upholds a strong commitment to philanthropy—as Chairman and Founder of the Magic Johnson Foundation, he strives to transform and improve urban America, working with major corporations and partners to bring jobs and high-quality products and services to underserved communities. What he BELIEVES is reflected in what he DOES, and what he consistently does is make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

I also strive to bring about positive change in the world, and I’d wager that most of you do as well. Like Magic, many of us have translated an inner passion into a thriving business venture—in our case, a love for animals and a desire to improve their lives and ensure their well-being. Many of us also actively engage in charitable giving to vital organizations like the Coral Restoration Foundation or Pets in the Classroom, groups that WPA is able to support because of events like SuperZoo (see Magic’s story of becoming a successful entrepreneur is an inspirational one for us as pet retailers—and I hope that you’ll join me at SuperZoo next August, not only to hear Magic’s insights but also to reap the many valuable benefits of attending North America’s leading trade show for pet retailers.

Please visit to learn more about all of the education, innovation and inspiration you’ll find at SuperZoo—and start planning now for your time in Las Vegas, August 2 – 4, 2016.


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