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Small But Mighty: 4 Ways to Master the Small Pet Market

While dogs and cats get all the glory, pet retailers know that small animals—rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and more—need just as much love and attention, if not more, than their larger counterparts. From changing bedding regularly to cleaning out cages, and from reducing odors to sourcing natural products, there’s a lot pet owners need to do to keep their tiny creature in comfort. Here are four ways pet retailers can cater to their small pet customers:

Go Natural

As with other areas of the pet industry, natural products are becoming increasing popular with small pet owners. Stocking natural cleansers, environmentally friendly products and “Made in America” bedding is a good bet for increasing customer base.

Get Ready for a Road Trip

Have pet, will travel—especially if the pet is small and easily transportable. Portable as they may be, small pets do require specialty travel equipment. Provide your small pet customers with options on travel-friendly cages and carriers to make it easy for them to take their animals with them on vacation.

Anticipate Your Audience’s Needs

Amp up your knowledge—and your staff’s knowledge—on small animal trends like all-natural products and automated cleaning technology and provide point-of-sale education and free in-store seminars, so you can position yourself as a local expert and gain customer loyalty.

Create Small Pet Marketing Packages

If you’re new to the small animal market, you may need to do some initial legwork to build a new customer base. Consider creating discount bundles for beginner small pet owners or a punch-card loyalty program to keep customers coming back for all their regular cleaning needs.

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