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When caring for your own personal health, you may seek out complementary practices like acupuncture or therapeutic massage to promote optimal wellness. Many pet owners do the same for their animals, thanks to the growing trend of holistic health and complementary and alternative therapies for dog and cats. As a pet retailer, product manufacturer or service provider, it’s important for you to stay on top of these top animal health trends and to stock the wellness products and holistic remedies your savvy customers are seeking. 


Today’s pet owners get right to the point when it comes to their animals’ health. Using acupuncture, the ancient Chinese needling practice that harnesses energy at various points on the body, veterinarians trained in integrative medicine have been able to reduce pain from arthritis, as well as alleviate symptoms of asthma, dermatitis, gastrointestinal, kidney and reproductive problems. While animal acupuncture may be a trend, the practice is nothing new: Research has shown evidence of its use on horses dating back 4,000 years!

Massage and Energy Therapies

Pain relief is a common denominator among many complementary and alternative therapies. Many pet owners seek natural or less-invasive ways to alleviate pain and avoid surgery for their arthritic, ailing or elderly pets. Animal massage, Reiki and Healing Touch therapies have been found to reduce pain and inflammation and improve quality of life.

Homeopathy and Natural Supplements

Pet owners looking for natural ways to boost their animals’ immune systems opt for plant- or mineral-based supplements or topical solutions to relieve symptoms of common conditions like anxiety, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, skin issues, arthritis and more.

Spa Services

Finally, pets need pampering, too. When it comes to animal wellness, it’s not all therapeutic—there’s also room for a little fun! For spa-savvy pet owners, this fun comes in the form of spa services, like “pet-icures,” relaxation massage, upscale grooming services and fitness classes geared toward our four-legged friends.  

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