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How One Pet Retailer Used Social to Decrease Spend and Increase Sales

It may seem like a stretch to say that social media makes the world go round, but with more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, its impact is undeniable. If your business is not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with thousands of potential customers—just like Michelle of The Pet Authority, Inc., in Albert Lea, MN, did. Thanks to Facebook Live, Michelle gained 3,600 new fans from ONE live video broadcast. How did that positively affect her business? SuperZoo speaker, social media expert and owner of Crystal Media, Crystal Vilkaitis shares Michelle’s success story.


A Live-Action Name Change

Despite limited experience with video, Michelle was committed to making her social media more effective. She decided to start with Facebook Live, broadcasting an announcement to change her business name from Ranch and Pet Supply to The Pet Authority. Her Facebook Live announcement had 5,600 views, despite her page only having 2,000 followers!

Turning Followers into Dollars

Following her initial success, Michelle has used video ever since to increase site views, organic reach and post clicks. One way she’s been able to monetize her social media usage is to promote new products on her Facebook page. This tactic doubled her page likes in one month and resulted in a 31 percent sales increase year over year.

Increased Transaction Averages and Daily Customer Count

It’s not just the overall sales that increased, but also the average transaction cost and her daily customer count. In just a few months of implementing her new social media campaign Michelle’s average transaction increased from $41.24 to $46.08; her average customer base went up from 80 per day to a consistent 85.

Decreased Spend on Traditional Advertising

Better yet, Michelle’s use of free social media platforms allowed her to cut her regular radio-advertising budget of $1,000—saving money and using her time and marketing resources more wisely.

The Takeaway: The Time Is Now

As Vilkaitis says, “Don’t wait to start implementing these ideas! Schedule time to optimize your profile and work on implementing these suggestions. Commit, focus on one thing at a time and then go onto the next.” Get focused on your social media strategy and let it make your business world go round.

Learn more tips from social media expert Crystal Vilkaitis at her education session at this year’s SuperZoo!

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