The cat's out of the bag
and delivering the inside scoop on pet retail's favorite show.
Education August 19-22
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Dr. Cliff Faver

Dr. Cliff Faver | IV San Bernard

Dr. Cliff Faver, a 1987 graduate of CSU, is the founder/owner of Animal Health Services (6 doctors, 2 groomers, 35 employees) in Cave Creek, Arizona.  He is the US distributor for Iv San Bernard products.  He uses the two businesses as a means of merging the grooming and veterinary professions to pursue his life’s passion of healing and helping pets.  Dr. Faver is an international speaker and teaches the ISB Pet Aesthetician Certification program.  He is a member of AVMA, AAHA, AZVMA, a sponsor for the CPPGA and Board member for the Burbank Kennel Club.   Previously served on the Novartis Lead Committee (with top dermatologists from USA), Hill’s International Global Veterinary Board, and is still active in a Veterinary Management Group.

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