The cat's out of the bag
and delivering the inside scoop on pet retail's favorite show.
Education August 19-22
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Sergio Villasanti, ICMG (IPG) and NCMG (NDGAA)

Sergio Villasanti, ICMG (IPG) and NCMG (NDGAA) | Grooming School Republic of Dogs

Sergio has had a very extensive professional journey in the pet industry as a grooming instructor, handler, judge and speaker.  He has judged international grooming contests in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and Argentina since 2005 and is also an international seminar speaker.  Sergio has won multiple awards around the world including winning Best In Show at World Expo in Belgium in 1995.  His dream is to pass along his knowledge to other groomers to help them grow and have successful careers of their own.

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