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SuperZoo’s Grooming Contest

June 28th, 2018


Sponsored by: World Pet Association



Entries will be determined in the order they are received up to a total of 50 competitors.

All Entries will be competing at the open level.


Competitors may compete with any of the AKC-recognized breeds groomed to breed standard.  For best results and that “competitive edge”, competitors should bring their own dogs.  If you cannot bring your own dog because your country imposes quarantines, you may want to go on Facebook “Contest Dog Network” and ask to be a member on the Web.  Contact them at your earliest convenience to secure your competition dogs.

Coat Length Qualifications- Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot

It is recognized that some coats grow more quickly than others.  Therefore, for contest purposes, the hair must be of sufficient length to allow the competitor to make a distinct change in the dog’s appearance.  Rotated coats on hand-stripped dogs are acceptable; however there must be a distinct change in the dog’s appearance.

Preparation Requirements

Competition dogs must be prepped and ready for the judge’s inspection prior to check-in procedures.  Dogs should be combed, brushed and free of tangles, freshly shampooed and dried.  Ears should be clean, toenails trimmed/filed, and hair between the pads trimmed, if applicable, according to breed standards. Poodle feet, pads, sanitary trimming, the genital and stomach areas, should also be pre-trimmed. All other trimming shall be done only after the competition starts.

As a rule, terriers that are being handstripped are not freshly bathed since wetting the coat softens the hair and causes it to blow.  Chalk may be used as a cleaning agent, providing that all traces of it are removed from the coat before the judges begin their final deliberations.

All grooming techniques – clipping, snap-on combs, scissoring, thinning, handstripping, plucking and carding are permitted.  Singeing of the coat (using a flame device to remove the tips of the hair) is not permitted in the competition ring, prep area, or bathing and drying area.  Any pet or show trim is permitted for Poodles.

  • Show topknots may be pre-banded, including hair extensions prior to the start of the class. Spray-up products are prohibited prior to the start of the class. Decorative objects, color sprays or glitter are not permitted. Regular hair sprays are allowed; however, aside from a tied-up sprayed topknot and finished heads, i.e. West Highland White Terrier, the judges must be able to comb through the coat. Finishing sprays, are permissible in order to tidy up after competition time frame ends however, re-shaping with water or product application is prohibited.

Time Limit- Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot

The competition will start promptly on Thursday morning June 28th, 2018.  Contest competitors and dogs must check-in and set-up promptly at 9:15 AM. Pre-judging will begin at 9:30 AM.  Contest Start time will be at 10:00 AM. No extra time will be allowed nor will the contest be held up. No late arrivals allowed.  All competitors have a two hour time limit, regardless of breed of dog, size or grooming technique used.  After the two hour time call no more work will be allowed on the dog.

Grooming Equipment

Grooming tables and grooming arms will be furnished to contestants.  Contestants must supply their own grooming equipment and grooming loop.  Competitors from outside the USA may request to borrow a pair of clippers for the competition but must supply all blades. Send request to by June 12, 2018. 


The judges will give a warning for the following violations.  A second warning will result in disqualification.


Professional and Technical Warnings:

·     Inappropriate attire.

·     Inappropriate language and attitude.


·      Skin abrasions such as clipper burns, nicks or cuts.

·      Handstripping or plucking in a non-compassionate manner.

Handling Warnings:

·     Dog left unattended on grooming table.

·     Dog jumping or falling off grooming table.

·     Rough handling of dog.

·     Safety loop adjusted too high.

·     Lifting of dog by tail strictly prohibited.


·      Use of cell phones or radios and headsets.

·      Smoking in competition ring.

·      Standing on grooming tables.

·      Standing on chairs to groom or style.

·      Beverages not in spill-proof containers.

·      Coaching by anyone, at any time, during competition.


The judges will be permitted to confer during the competition, as well as at the end of the time limit during their deliberations.  They may narrow the competition down to a group of 20, then announce the placements of 6th to 10th and then select 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd place and the 1st place “Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot Champion.”  The judges’ decisions will be final and binding.


The Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot Champion will win $10,000.00 prize money and a trophy.  The Champion will also win entry and a trip to Groomania in Belgium (Trip includes airfare for $2,000.00 maximum and a hotel for 3 days and 2 nights).

2nd  Place – $5,000.00           

3rd  Place – $2,000.00

4th  Place – $1,000.00            

5th – 6th Place – $500.00

7th – 10th Place – $250.00

Click on the link below to Download and/or Print this in PDF version: 

Tom McLaughlin Super Jackpot Rules 

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